• Certification Workshop

    Attention Steppers and Stepping Instructors, Presenting:
    The “ONE  ACCORD” National Instructors Workshop for Certification

    Hosted By: Cynthia Shanks, Chicago’s Own Original Master Stepper (OMS), Stanford Bailey and the Chicago "Style" Steppers, LLP Instructional Team


    With the exponential growth of Stepping across the nation, an open market has been created for Stepping instructors.  New classes are cropping up all over. Unfortunately some of the instructors just don’t know enough about Stepping for their students to truly benefit from the art.  A lot of new instructors may have learned from someone who didn’t know enough history or techniques to teach the art form properly.

    Now with instructors across the United States and abroad teaching this dance of Stepping in whatever way they learned.  Be it correct or incorrect is one of the reasons why the art form of Stepping has not been considered a National or International Ballroom Dance.  Everyone seems to be doing and teaching something different.

    When people travel the country, state to state, city to city or neighborhood to neighborhood, they should feel confident that if they venture out to Step with someone, both will be doing the same basic steps.  This is why the STEP-ALIVE, nfp Foundation invites all interested instructors  who would like to know more about the how’s, when’s, and why’s of Stepping, to come unify with us for one accord, in the teaching of the basic steps, turns, and much more.  The dance of Stepping needs more competent and knowledgeable instructors.

    There are generations of old and young in need of learning this dance, enough to supply the influx of Stepping instructors, new and old alike.  It doesn’t matter if your dance style is old school or new school.  It would certainly help the entire Steppers community, if all Stepping instructors taught the same basic steps, regardless of their counting methods.

    "ONE ACCORD” National Instructors Workshop and Certification Class